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Med Gas

Medical Gas

Texas Quality Services LLC is licensed to install, service, maintain and repair medical gas supply equipment in hospitals, dental clinics and other medical facilities in and around our service area that includes but is not limited to Austin, Temple, Waco, San Antonio and surrounding areas.


We offer preventitive maintenance on all medical gas pipeline systems from cylinder manifolds, medical/surgical air and vacuum plnats to terminal units including alarm systems - both plant and local alarms.


When hiring Texas Quality Services LLC you will be provided:

  • Quality customer service in a very professional manner.
  • Trained and experienced professionals when installing, servicing, and repairing medical gas equipment. Our experienced technicians will diagnose any issues in an efficient manner and will remedy them as deemed necessary.
  • Our team is also available for 24 hr emergency service and repair.

For more information about Medical Gas installation, service and repair or any of our other services please contact us today.